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Cycle touring / cycling (sports cycling)

  • The region’s characteristics make it ideal for cycle touring. Between the Gavarres and Montgrí mountains there is a large plain where fields of crops and small villages of medieval origin harmoniously coexist, some of them on small hills. You should enjoy this experience while pedalling without rushing. It will also help you understand the quality of life and calm pace of life of the people of the Empordà.

    The Baix Empordà has a cycle touring network of almost 400 km linking all of the towns and villages on local roads or dirt tracks. All of this infrastructure is signposted and maintained.
    There are many ways of enjoying cycle touring, whether in stages or on circular routes or small outings that can be adapted to your needs.  The Wikiloc Baix Empordà channel will provide you with the directions for following the routes on your mobile phone or GPS device.

    The Baix Empordà also has various greenways and the Pirinexus route passes through it. More information: https://www.viesverdes.cat/en/

    For people who enjoy more a more sporting variety of cycling, there are also routes designed to let you enjoy the most representative mountains in the region and its surroundings, as well as its main centres of population.