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The taste of the Empordà

Travelling around the Baix Empordà reveals how important food production is here. Fields, market gardens, farms, fishing ports and artisanal workers are vital elements of the region’s landscape. The work of farmers and fishermen, as well as artisanal food makers, results in excellent products and that are the basis of a very diverse gastronomy. From the most traditional recipes to the latest gastronomic innovations, you will find the taste of the Empordà unforgettable.

  • Photo: Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

    Our cuisine

    Our cuisine is a clear example of the generosity of our earth: the sea provides the excellent fish and seafood; the plain shares its fruit and vegetables, and the mountains supply us with meat, cheese and wild products. The mixture of all these ingredients is what has given Empordà cuisine the variety of tastes and contrasts that distinguish it and that give it the name of sea and mountain cuisine.

  • Photo: IPEP

    Gastronomic campaigns

    The restaurants of the Baix Empordà regularly organise gastronomic campaigns and days to publicise local specialities and products from the region. The first gastronomic exhibition was held in 1983 but it was in 1992 that the first gastronomic campaign was created at the municipal level. More and more campaigns and days were gradually added and they have become a deeply rooted tradition in our region. During the months of the campaigns you can try the product in question on special menus, all of which promote the seasonal products and have a fixed price. A total of 12 gastronomic campaigns are held each year in the Baix Empordà.

  • "Productes de l'Empordà" brand

    The “Productes de l’Empordà” (Empordà Products) brand was created as a result of the desire of the county councils of the Alt and Baix Empordà regions and a group of producers to personalise and recognise local Empordà products and to help to promote the commercialisation and sale of these products from the region.

    The brand denoting quality was awarded in September 2003 and guarantees that all the products with the brand name are produced or prepared, transformed and packaged in the Empordà region, following local traditions. The producers also have to undertake periodical controls by a food laboratory to certify the quality of the different phases of the product.

    The eight participating products are: Pals rice, Sweet sausage, Brunyols de l’Empordà, Figueres onion, Ull ros beans, Prawn of Palamós, Stuffed apples from Vilabertran and curd cheese.

  • Photo: IPEP

    Gastronomic areas

    The Baix Empordà has three gastronomic spaces that promote the gastronomy of the Empordà and which organise workshops, courses and show cooking with local, seasonal produce.

  • Gastronomic trade fairs and activities and weekly markets

    One way of sampling the Baix Empordà is to wander around the weekly markets and festivals that are held in the towns and villages of the region, or you can take part in the many gastronomic activities that take place during the year. A pleasure for all the senses!

  • Our restaurants

    Our district has a very extensive and varied range of restaurants. This variety will enable you to find meals for all tastes at affordable prices for every budget: restaurants of all categories, with dishes of the day, set menus, tapas … but also dishes à la carte, the most innovative cuisine, experimental cooking … or the traditional recipes of our grandmothers, of our fishermen; in a word, of our people.

  • Photo: Roger Lleixa Bertran. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

    Wine tourism and guided tours

    The Baix Empordà region offers two kinds of wine tourism: Empordà Denomination of Origin wines and farmers’ wines. Both kinds organise guided trips to be able to discover how the wine is processed and all its essence. Discover them!

    Furthermore, in the Baix Empordà region, not only can you taste typical products, but you can also participate in their preparation process by means of guided tours or workshops for a wide range of products: rice from Pals, prawns from Palamós, vegetable garden products, wine, oil, curds…