Vés al contingut

Bad weather

The Baix Empordà’s climate makes it a destination that can be visited all-year round. Mild winters and warm summers are predominant in the region.

You might sometimes find less favourable weather conditions during your visit but this does not have to stop you enjoying our region. Here are some recommendations for you.

  • Clouds

    Although the Baix Empordà has sun all-year round, cloudy days are no problem. In very hot periods, they can offer a little relief and are a very good chance to do a short active tourism activity.  And the sea might be calm, giving you the chance to do aquatic activities.

  • Rain

    Rain can sometimes make an appearance. In the summer it can come in the form of short but intense storms.  Therefore, in these moments you will have to take shelter, but they are soon over. Then you can restart your activity.

  • The wind and the sea

    Wind is a characteristic feature of the region, especially the tramuntana. This north wind brings cold weather. It is sometimes strong but it has an impressive ability to carry clouds away and clear the sky. This is a spectacle worth seeing.

  • Excess heat

    During the summer months, there can occasionally be very hot days with high humidity. In these cases, contact with the sea will help relieve this feeling of heat if you refresh yourself often.