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Empordà Moments

The essence of the Costa Brava

Every season changes the coastal landscape and offers different perspectives on it. Thanks to the extensive network of camí de ronda coastal paths and other paths, you can hike along the coast and enjoy the beauty it offers all year round. Only this way can you enjoy its best hidden treasures: secluded coves surrounded by rocky cliffs.

The mark of the tramuntana wind

Cloudless skies and rough seas: a day of tramuntana! This is not just any north wind; the tramuntana is a force of nature that has shaped the landscape of the Empordà. Seeing it in action is a different way of discovering the region.

The region on a plate

Photo: Alex Tremps - Arxiu d'Imatges PTCBG

The Baix Empordà has long stood out for the variety of food it offers. Its diverse landscape and agricultural, fishing and artisanal traditions have given rise to a unique and high-quality gastronomy. There is no better way to get to know the region than tasting its characteristic dishes!

The domains of the Empordà, at your feet

The climb to Montgrí takes you along rocky paths surrounded by garrigue. Once you reach the top of the Puig de Santa Caterina you carry on up to the castle where you can see a large part of the Baix Empordà: from the fields and rivers of the plain to the woods of the Gavarres and the Begur mountains, running down to the Costa Brava. A special view of our region!

Enjoying a sea of life and nature

A short distance from the rocky coast, the Medes Islands are a very special natural space. A former refuge for pirates, this system of seven islets is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species. Whether you are sailing around its coasts or diving into its waters, this unique place will astonish you.

Musical pleasure in unique settings

Photo: Jose Irun - Arxiu d'Imatges PTCBG

Can you think of a better plan for a summer night than a concert in a natural setting or surrounded by historical buildings? Luckily, the Baix Empordà offers a varied musical programme with a wide range of musical offerings in incomparable settings, by the sea and in the interior of the region.

Following in the footsteps of history

The Baix Empordà’s inland scenery is peppered with little places with medieval origins. The belfries of the churches and the towers of the castles and fortified houses stand out among the fields and hills, inviting you to lose yourself in cobbled streets that take you back centuries.

A countryside of yellow flowers

The blooming of fields of rapeseed or poppies is a spectacle that changes the region’s appearance, coating it with yellow or red patches. This is an excellent time to take the car or bicycle, leave the main roads and travel on secondary roads, passing through the landscape in bloom and exploring the Baix Empordà bit by bit.

The Empordanet: the calm of the hinterland

Between the forests of the Gavarres and the Montgrí mountains, there is a plain where peace and quiet rule. Fields of crops alternate with wooded terraces and rolling hills, where the towns and villages that dominate the area are found. In these places, people appreciate the importance of farm work in creating and preserving the environmental balance and how the surroundings change according to the season.

Seclusion among cork oaks

The densely forested Gavarres mountains are criss-crossed by paths running through holm oaks, cork oaks and shrubs. In this setting you will find traces of the Baix Empordà’s oldest inhabitants who built megalithic monuments here.

“Freshly landed today!”

Fishing is one of the most ancient activities in the Baix Empordà. Thanks to the work of the fishermen, we can now enjoy fresh fish and seafood for much of the year, caught, sold at the fish market and cooked in the region’s restaurants the same day. A heritage that is very much alive!

Seafaring authenticity

The coastal towns and villages, located in the few openings the rugged landscape of the coastline offers, have developed around fishing and trade. Walking around their streets – silent in winter, bustling in summer – you can see how the fishermen’s houses are in harmony with the Mediterranean scenery. Immerse yourself fully in the origins of the Baix Empordà.

The genius’s last workshop

From the castle of Púbol you can appreciate the charm of the rural Baix Empordà and its pleasant landscape, a setting that seems to be ideal for an artist as brilliant as Salvador Dalí to settle. This medieval fortress was the last workshop of the surrealist painter and at the same time, the refuge and place for his wife and muse Gala to rest.

The art of watching

The gaze of Josep Pla, the Baix Empordà’s most universal writer, is the result of an activity as mundane as looking. This way of getting to know the Baix Empordà is highly recommended: walking without rushing, savouring everything the scenery, climate, towns and villages and the people have to offer.

Shaping a tradition

Photo: Ruben Garcia. Arxiu d'Imatges de l'Ajuntament de la Bisbal d'Empordà

La Bisbal d’Empordà is synonymous with pottery. The work of the potters derives from a tradition dating back centuries that results in artisanal ceramic products of great quality. A visit to the city’s numerous shops and workshops will help you appreciate the work of the local potters and take home a little piece of the Baix Empordà.