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  • Regencós

    The municipality of Regencós, with around 269 inhabitants, is situated just inland. It is a quiet, peaceful village formed by a compact nucleus of some fifty houses grouped around the church, with short, narrow alleys which conserve some sections of the old stone paving.

    The church of Sant Vicenç was commenced in 1805, as is recorded on a stone tablet on the outer wall of the sanctuary. It is believed to have been completed in 1815. The building has a single nave with side chapels and polygonal apse covered by lunette vaults.

    The municipality still conserves the remains of fortifications from the late Middle Ages: towers, walls and gateways.

    The municipality of Regencós lies at the foot of the Quermany Gros, a flat-topped hill which is a characteristic identifying sign of the landscape of a large expanse of the district.

    Regencós has long been well-known for the tile works that used to employ a large proportion of the population; there were almost twenty between the 19th and 20th centuries. The various types of tiles were made by hand, and are the last testimony of a trade that once gave so much life to this village. The only remaining factory is that of Josep Ferrer.

    A notable part of the municipal district is the area known as Puigcalent, situated 800 metres from the village. This is a group of farmhouses (17th-18th C.) which stand on a low rise and enjoy a sweeping panorama over the Baix Empordà plain.

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    Ajuntament de Regencós

    C/Torres Jonama, 2

    17214 Regencós

    T. +34 972 61 13 69



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