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  • Corçà

    The municipal district of Corçà, with almost 1,300 inhabitants, is made up of various nuclei and neighbourhoods: Corçà, Anyells, Casavells, Matajudaica, Planils and Cassà de Pelràs.

    The nucleus of Corçà conserves a medieval structure, although the remains of its castle and defence walls have disappeared. However, it still conserves many other elements that deserve a visit, like a number of very interesting houses in the streets Carrer del Mur and Carrer Major, the Romanesque church of Santa Cristina (12th C.), on the border of Monells, or the chapel of Sant Sebastià (18th C.) at the exit from Corçà on the Anyells road.

    The hamlet of Anyells is made up of some fifteen dispersed farms set in splendid natural scenery.

    The nucleus of Cassà de Pelràs extends around the church of Sant Martí (12th C.). The church was built in Romanesque style but subsequently underwent modifications. We can see that the stone used for building it is volcanic, because there is a large outcrop of it in the area.

    Casavells lies around its Romanesque church of Sant Genís (12th C.) From here, there is a magnificent panoramic view of the Belleses plain.

    The small village of Matajudaica is dominated by the church of Sant Joan.

  • More information at:

    Ajuntament de Corçà

    Plaça De La Vila, 1, 17121 Corçà, Girona

    T. +34 972 63 00 51



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