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  • Vista aèria de VErges

    Photo: Ajuntament de Verges

    Verges, with nearly 1,200 inhabitants, is located on the top of a small rise on the left bank of the river Ter, surrounded by fields of crops, by the Rec del Molí and Rec de l’Estany channels and the woodland near the river. In the past, the medieval part of the village, with the castle and the church in the centre, was a walled circuit much of which has survived to the present day.

    The parish church of Sant Julià i Santa Bassilissa which is located in the centre of the medieval town, conserves a semi-circular apse and the eastern half of the nave from the old Romanesque church. The restoration and its current appearance are the work of the modernist architect Rafael Masó.

    The castle was located to the south of the church where the council building now stands. The remains of the walls and towers from the end of the Middle Ages that used to fortify the town, and also the small pre-Romanesque chapel in Sant Pere de la Vall, a medieval settlement on the outskirts of the town, are worth noting for their importance.

    On the night of Holy Thursday, a very interesting popular theatrical performance is held in Verges, starring many of the village’s residents. On that night, the streets and squares of the village turn into the stage for the Procession of Verges, which has been declared a Heritage Festival of National Interest, in particular Carrer dels Cargols with the Dance of Death. This tradition is followed by thousands of visitors every year. One of the most eagerly awaited moments of the night is announced by the dry sound of a drum. Five figures perform the Dance of Death, which symbolises the inescapable passage of time and the brevity of life. Among all of the region’s traditions, this dance of medieval origins is undoubtedly one of the most prized treasures.

    On the Tuesday of Carnival, the Sopa is celebrated, an ancestral custom of providing a food for the town’s people.

    The singer-songwriter Lluís Llach, who was born in Verges and still has connections to the municipality is worth noting.

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