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    Torrent, with around 175 inhabitants, is a small nucleus which has some remains of an old castle mentioned in documents of the medieval period. The nucleus is formed by thirty-odd houses grouped around the parish church. There are a number of very short, narrow alleys and a large esplanade or square at the exit from the medieval gate of the castle enclosure, which is still conserved.

    In spite of the fact that the parish church of Sant Vicenç is documented since the 14th century, the large present-day building is from the 18th century. It has a single nave with side chapels, a polygonal apse and a square-plan belltower.

    The 18th-century chapel of Sant Llop stands in a raised spot away from the nucleus of population. Its floor plan is a Greek cross with a square sanctuary and dome. Every year on St Lucy’s Day a gathering is held here, attracting many people from the area.

    Standing on the hill called Puig Roig is a large megalithic tomb, popularly known as the ‘Moors’ Cemetery.’ It is a dolmen with a covered gallery, and is one of the largest in Catalonia.

    The old narrow-gauge train line from Girona to Palamós used to run through Torrent. The line was closed down in 1956, but some remains of its old layout and bridges can still be seen.

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