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  • Jafre

    The village of Jafre lies in the north-west corner of the Baix Empordà. Its nucleus has a lengthened shape, the result of having taken as its axis the old paths that passed through the place and of having adapted to the forms of the promontory that serves as its base. In this way, the village stands on a great natural balcony overlooking a long section of the course of the Ter.

    On the other side of the river are the woods of the sector of Foixà, Sant Romans and Sant Llorenç de les Arenes. It has a population of around 380 inhabitants. Walking through the streets of Jafre brings us to the 18th-C. parish church of Sant Martí, built partly over the structure of a former medieval castle.

    The most singular building and place of the village, and the most visited by outsiders, stands in the lower part: the modest Fontsanta sanctuary, related with a series of miraculous events originating in the year 1460. The people of the village and its surroundings began to believe in the miraculous curative powers of the water that flowed from the fountain situated there. Its fame began to spread and finally led to the construction of a chapel and later of other buildings, and also the celebration of various different religious gatherings and processions.