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  • Vilopriu

    Vilopriu is the head of a municipal district which includes the villages of Gaüses, Pins and Valldavià. It has a population of around 202 inhabitants. It includes lands situated on the left bank of the Ter, in the chain of low, rolling hills which form the divide between this river and the Fluvià. The village is built on a rise, around the castle and the church, with short, narrow alleys and houses from the 16th to 18th C., forming a whole of undoubted architectural interest. The parish church of Sant Pere is situated inside the enclosure of the castle; this castle-palace has its origins in the 12th C., but it was greatly modified in the late Middle Ages (15th C.), and it still dominates the whole of the village.

    The village of Pins is formed by a small group of farmhouses, with elements from the 15th to 18th centuries. The chapel of Sant Bartomeu, suffragan of the parish church of Gaüses, has a single nave and a polygonal sanctuary. A short distance from Pins, to the west of Vilopriu, lies the village of Gaüses, formed by a number of scattered farmhouses in the valley of the Ramema (or Gaüses) stream, which runs into the Ter. The church of Santa Maria is worthy of special mention. The sanctuary of Sant Roc, standing on top of a low hill, is a small popular construction from the 18th century. On the right bank of the stream stands the Almshouse, the remains of a medieval building which belonged to the Almshouse of Girona; beside it there are vestiges of an old mill.

    Valldavià, the third nucleus, lies at the northern end of the municipal district. Surrounded by the peace and quiet so typical of all of this region, there is a small, well-preserved church with traces of various periods, and also the old castle of Valldavià, restored and rebuilt some twenty years ago by private initiative.

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    Ajuntament de Vilopriu

    Plaça Major, El Castell, 1

    17466 Vilopriu

    T 972.76.80.96