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La Tallada d’Empordà

  • església del municipi de la tallada d'empordà

    The municipality of La Tallada d’Empordà, spreading across the alluvial plain of the left bank of the River Ter and the Fluvià, also includes the villages of Canet de la Tallada, Marenyà and Tor. It has a population of around 463 inhabitants.

    The town itself centres on the main square with its medieval castle, and stretches as far as the main road. Some of its houses back onto the walls and towers that still remain of the castle wall, both inside and outside the enclosure. The large tower that rises over the semicircular apse of the church of Santa Maria is the most notable detail of the municipality. The church is in Romanesque style and displays the same simple, austere appearance as the 12th and 13th-century churches of other villages of the district.

    The village of Tor stands to the north of La Tallada. Its name comes from a tower that once stood here, of which nothing now remains. The Romanesque church of Sant Climent dates from the 11th century, and has a single nave and a semicircular apse.

    The village of Marenyà stands on a rise, some distance away from the other villages that make up the municipality. Its architectural interest lies in a number of simply-decorated openings and eaves. The Romanesque church of Sant Esteve de Marenyà, with a single nave and a semicircular apse, was fortified in the late Middle Ages. A number of archaeological sites have been discovered around Marenyà, one of them with Palaeolithic materials

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    Ajuntament de la Tallada d’Empordà

    Plaça de l’1 d’octubre de 2017, s/n

    17134 La Tallada d’Empordà

    T. +34 972 78 02 38





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