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    The village of Ultramort, with around 223 inhabitants, is situated in a raised position, overlooking to the north, east and south a broad expanse of fertile farmland reclaimed from the waters that once covered it. The northern end of the municipal district reaches the River Ter, in a sector which is occasionally flooded by rains.

    The village consists of sixty or so houses, with two sectors separated by the square: the original nucleus, around the church, and to the north two long streets, whose names, Torroella and Figueres, indicate the routes of old roads. The most notable building is the church of Santa Eulàlia, dated to the 13th C. In recent years it has undergone various rehabilitation works, the last being in 1992, which now allow us to admire a type of church considered by the specialists as an example of an austere Romanesque style with a Cistercian influence, characteristic of small rural towns.

    stroll through the quiet streets of the village reveals interesting architectural elements in some of the houses. At one end of the square, at a point higher up than the neighbouring buildings, there now stands a house which displays remains of the castle that once existed in the village, the Gleu castle, popularly known as the Finestres castle.

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    Ajuntament d’Ultramort

    Plaça de la Constitució, s/n

    17133 Ultramort

    T 972.76.9161