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Serra de Daró

  • Serra de Daró

    Serra de Daró is the head of a municipality that also includes the village of Sant Iscle d’Empordà.

    The village of Serra de Daró, with around 221 inhabitants, itself stands on a small hill on the left bank of the River Daró. (In the past, the River Daró had a different course: on reaching Serra, it turned a bend and flowed into the old Ullastret pool, which was later dried out.) The houses are distributed around the parish church, with no clearly-defined urban layout.

    The parish church of Santa Maria is dated 1123. It was rebuilt from 1881 onwards, and this date is engraved on the façade. It is a large building, not identifiably in any particular style but with neo-classical details. The belltower, from the 17th or 18th century, is the only element remaining from the previous period; its pyramidal roof does not exceed the height of the roof of the church.

    The small village of Sant Iscle is also situated on a hill, because the surrounding countryside used to be marshland. Sant Iscle has a fine view of one of the most characteristic landscapes of the Baix Empordà.

    The village used to have a castle, mentioned in documents from the Middle Ages, of which only a few remains are conserved, including the base of an old tower and a stretch of wall that was restored in 1985.

    Between the church and the remains of the castle, a number of dispersed 16th and 17th-century farmhouses form a very interesting architectural whole.

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    Ajuntament de Serra de Daró

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    17133 Serra de Daró

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