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  • Foixà

    The municipality of Foixà, with around 300 inhabitants, is made up of five neighbourhoods or nuclei. The first stands around the 16th-C. parish church of Sant Joan. The other important nucleus is known as the Town, dominated by the castle, which has a panoramic view of the whole of the Empordanese plain and was the original home of one of the most important lineages of Catalonia. The path that connects the church district with the town passes close to a cross which marks the spot where in 1396 King John I suffered a hunting accident which led to his death.

    The municipality of Foixà also includes the neighbourhood of Cuells, formed by a group of dispersed farmhouses, and two small villages, La Sala and Sant Llorenç de les Arenes.

    La Sala has the parish church of Santa Maria: despite being a small nucleus, it is also divided into two small but clearly-identified neighbourhoods: La Sala de Baix, around the church, and La Sala de Dalt, formed by a group of farmhouses.

    The village of Sant Llorenç de les Arenes is situated beside the River Ter. It owes its name to the broad expanses of sand deposited by the Ter which occupy the area. Some decades ago, the dunes were planted with pine trees to stabilise the sands, which were being carried away by the North tramuntana wind.

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    Ajuntament de Foixà

    Plaça de la Vila, 1

    17132 Foixà

    T. +34 972 76 92 59



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