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  • Colomers

    The village of Colomers has 176 inhabitants (2019).  The oldest neighbourhood, near the church, is an architectural ensemble with narrow, steep, twisting streets, with traces of the walls and ornate buildings from the 16th–18th centuries, many of which have been restored with some used as second homes.

    The course of the River Ter passes very close to the nucleus of Colomers, marking its southern border with Foixà. There is an old dam that collects the waters of the Ter to divert them into the Sentmenat stream, which largely follows one of the former arms of the Ter. In the past, the stream powered the various mills that stood alongside it, and it is now used to irrigate numerous acres of farmland along the Lower Ter. In environmental terms, this dam has formed a small reservoir, creating one of the prettiest spots in the district, with exuberant riverside vegetation. The dam has been rebuilt a few metres further downstream, and when it comes into operation it will be compatible with a path for walkers and cyclists who want to discover this area of the River Ter.

    The Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Colomers has been restored in various campaigns. The church, like many others in the district, was fortified at some point (probably in the 16th and 17th C.), creating the powerful defence tower which adjoins the semicircular apse and a machicolation on the southern façade.

    The building that is now the Town Hall is popularly known as the ‘castle,’ revealing its origins. The old centre of Colomers conserves other noble buildings with façades and architectural details which we will discover constantly throughout our visit.

  • More information at:

    Ajuntament de Colomers

    Plaça de la vila, 1

    17144 Colomers

    T. +34 972 76 80 66



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