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  • Garrigoles

    Situated in the north-west of the district, the municipality of Garrigoles occupies an area of rolling hills between the basins of the Ter and Fluvià rivers. It has a population of around 162 inhabitants.

    The contrasts between the open and well-communicated plain and the rugged lands of the area known as Terraprim become very evident when reaching Garrigoles or Les Olives via the quiet local road that climbs up from Verges. In Garrigoles, a small group of houses accompanies the parish church, in a spot that exudes all the peace of the end of a road.

    The parish church of Sant Sadurní is in Romanesque style. The exterior holds a little stonecarver’s joke for attentive visitors: high on the southern wall there is a naked female figure gazing down on passers-by, indifferent to people’s stares and the passing of time. The nucleus of Les Olives has more inhabitants than Garrigoles itself. Two buildings are notable here: the small church of Sant Vicenç, dating from the late Romanesque and of Cistercian type, and Can Ros de Les Olives, the 18th-century manor house of one of the major landowning families of the district.

  • More information at:

    Ajuntament de Garrigoles

    C. Sant Vicenç, 7

    17466 Les Olives


    T. +34 972 76 80 28



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