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  • Albons. centre d'albons, església.

    The village of Albons, with around 800 inhabitants, is a collection of houses grouped on a peak, crowned by the church and the remains of the medieval castle. Its streets are steep and narrow.

    Albons developed perched on a small hill, mainly for protection from the periodical floods on the plain caused by the many water courses, including one of the main branches of the river Ter.

    Despite this, the remains of the castle of Albons show that the location of the settlement was also in response to a defensive military strategy. Other structures from the fortress must have stood in the open space of the Plaça Major. To the west of the square, the lower part of a quadrangular tower is preserved, the only remaining trace of the old walls. The medieval structure of Albons means that all of the streets head towards the highest point where the parish church of Sant Cugat stands. Records of this church date back to the second half of the 13th century. Inside this building of Romanesque origins there is a baptismal font carved from a single limestone block.

    Within the municipality, specifically in the Valldavià mountains, the Ermita de Sant Grau church is noteworthy. This has been restored and is surrounded by thick Aleppo pine woodland, although from some points you can still enjoy broad views of the Empordà plain. Very close to the church is the font de la Merla fountain.

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    Ajuntament d’Albons

    Plaça del Poble, 1

    17136 Albons

    T +34 972 78 80 05