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Islands, islets and other rock formations

  • Illes Medes

    One of the marks that the effect of the sea has left on the region is the formation of islands and islets. These rock formations were separated from the coast and now help create of this scene that is so characteristic. Their position and distinctive shapes create hidden figures and spaces, a refuge of calm at times, but also a threat for sailors on days with rough seas. These sites are worth seeing up close, but always take care!

    The best known islands in the region are the Medes Islands, located just over a kilometre from l’Estartit, in the Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Natural Park. They are a protected space and are also a paradise for lovers of nature and underwater activities.

    The Formigues Islands, which mark the boundaries of the municipalities of Palamós, Palafrugell and Mont-ras are also a reference point for sailors and were the site of one of the most important naval battles in history when, at the end of the 13th century, the French fleet was defeated by Admiral Roger of Lauria, during the reign of Peter III of Aragon.

    There are also other islands and some islets very close to the coast. Examples include the island of Freu (Sant Feliu de Guíxols), the island of XXXx (S’Agaró), the rock of els Muscols (Sant Antoni de Calonge), the islands of Cap de Planes (Palamós), Illa Blanca and Illa Negre (Begur) and the island of Pedrosa (L’Estartit).

    The imposing cliffs can reach over 100 metres in height at some points on the coast. And some curious rock formations have developed over time, creating mysterious caves and other openings you can only discover from the sea. This is the case of Cala Foradada close to Platja de Castell (Palamós), Roca Foradada on the Montgrí coast (L’Estartit) and the caves of en Gispert and el Bisbe (Tamariu).

    Finally, there are rocks and stones worth noting that, owing to their dimensions and shapes, give their names various beaches and coves. And so we can make out Cavall Bernat (Bernat the horse, Platja d’Aro), Cap Roig or the Roques Planes (red cape or flat rocks, Sant Antoni de Calonge), La Fosca (the dark rock, Palamós) and Illa Roja (red island, Begur).

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