Vés al contingut

The sea and the coast

The Baix Empordà breathes the sea, a natural resource that accompanies us and permanently clothes our coastline, sometimes calm, other times rougher. But when you visit our coast and find rocks, islets, cliffs, beaches and coves, the combination of them creates one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the Costa Brava, which you can admire from the various camí de ronda paths that follow the coast.

The sea has always been there. It will always be there. It is the life source for many of our coastal locations The site of historic naval episodes. We respect the sea, but we also love it. It is full of life, all-year round. Dive in!

  • Islands, islets and other rock formations

    One of the marks that the effect of the sea has left on the region is the formation of islands and islets. These rock formations were separated from the coast and now help create of this scene that is so characteristic. Their position and distinctive shapes create hidden figures and spaces, a refuge of calm at times, but also a threat for sailors on days with rough seas. These sites are worth seeing up close, but always take care!

  • Flora and fauna

    The view of the coast from the sea is of sublime beauty. The distinctive relief, dominated by the imposing cliffs and varied rock formations, is accompanied by native flora and fauna.  The presence of protected coastal spaces throughout the region helps preserve local habitats and species, both on land and at sea.

  • Photo: David Carbó Fusté – Oceansub Estartit

    Activities at sea

    Discovering the Baix Empordà from the sea lets you enjoy a unique, different perspective. It is a real privilege. Coming here is a true adventure. You can travel along the coastline and access hidden spots and corners by sea kayaking. Likewise, diving or snorkelling allow you to observe and admire marine flora and fauna from a perspective near the surface or descending to a greater depth.
    The wind, waves and sometimes sea currents are others elements that accompany the behaviour of the sea. Sailing, sea outings and boat trips are very good ways of getting to know the coast. Depending on the direction or strength of the wind or how calm the sea is, certain activities will be more recommendable.
    The collection of marinas and sailing clubs form a first-rate nautical infrastructure in the region. They are the home of many companies and the starting point for many activities. During the summer, you can also find a varied offer of sea activities from the beaches themselves.
    Consult all of the range of companies offering nautical activities and services.


  • Beaches and coves

    The coast of the Baix Empordà is widely recognised for offering a perfect combination of the sea and the land, the rough sea and the rugged coastline, where pine and holm oak woods cling to the slopes almost reaching the point where their roots are in the sea. The Costa Brava is exceptional landscape.