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Land and nature

The Baix Empordà is a living territory, where nature’s whims accompanied by the imprint of humankind has sketched changing and contrasting landscapes, which change in every corner of the region.  A sign of identity and an invitation to explore.
Natural resources are the basis of this region, which is generous in making them available and enjoying them, so long as people respect and admire them responsibly.  On foot or by bike, contact with nature is a constant. We hope you enjoy it!

  • Protected Natural Spaces

    The Baix Empordà is a protected region. Over 33% of the region has some type of protection, ranging from the highest level of natural park to other lower ranking ones that are just as important and necessary for guaranteeing its preservation.

  • Beaches and coves

    The coast of the Baix Empordà is widely recognised for offering a perfect combination of the sea and the land, the rough sea and the rugged coastline, where pine and holm oak woods cling to the slopes almost reaching the point where their roots are in the sea. The Costa Brava is exceptional landscape.

    Among imposing cliffs and rock formations, the long broad spaces of the beaches, which are sometimes hidden, open up as well as other smaller sheltered and hidden coves. Some can be accessed easily, others are linked by the camí de ronda coastal paths, and some are virtually only accessible from the sea. But it is the combination of them that gives the Baix Empordà its identity and character, and a natural heritage belonging to all of us.

  • Coastal paths

    One of the Baix Empordà’s main attractions are the camins de ronda, paths that follow the coast and link coastal centres, making it possible to travel through the region on foot while enjoying the most authentic landscape of the Costa Brava. These paths are full of history, and were used, among other purposes, to help with defending the region or for smuggling.

    The Baix Empordà has a wide variety of these coastal paths. Some are gentle strolls by the sea; others are more uneven and follow the relief of the coast, delving between rocks and discovering coves and corners. There are also other more challenging ones and ones with more climbing that provide an adventure of discovery surrounded by nature.  Many overlap with the GR-92 path or with other signed paths.

  • Hiking

    Exploring the Baix Empordà on foot is one of the best ways to discover the region, enjoy the landscape and be in contact with nature. Trails by the sea that head into wooded areas of the Gavarres or cross the Empordanet plain and climb lofty peaks such as the Montgrí, from which the command of the land combines with admiring a free landscape in the middle of a natural park.

    The Baix Empordà has a network of paths of over 450 km. The long distance paths (GR-92 and the GR-92.1 inland variant) pass through the region and are accompanied by short distance paths (PR) and local paths (SL). All of this path infrastructure is signposted and maintained.
    There are many ways to enjoy hiking, whether in stages or on circular routes and small outings that can be adapted to your needs.  The Wikiloc Baix Empordà channel will provide you with the directions for following the routes on your mobile phone or GPS device.

  • Cycle touring / cycling (sports cycling)

    The region’s characteristics make it ideal for cycle touring. Between the Gavarres and Montgrí mountains there is a large plain where fields of crops and small villages of medieval origin harmoniously coexist, some of them on small hills. You should enjoy this experience while pedalling without rushing. It will also help you understand the quality of life and calm pace of life of the people of the Empordà.
    The Baix Empordà has a cycle touring network of almost 400 km linking all of the towns and villages on local roads or dirt tracks. All of this infrastructure is signposted and maintained.

    There are many ways of enjoying cycle touring, whether in stages or on circular routes or small outings that can be adapted to your needs.  The Wikiloc Baix Empordà channel will provide you with the directions for following the routes on your mobile phone or GPS device.
    The Baix Empordà also has various greenways and the Pirinexus route passes through it.

    For people who enjoy more a more sporting variety of cycling, there are also routes designed to let you enjoy the most representative mountains in the region and its surroundings, as well as its main centres of population.

  • MTB

    The Baix Empordà has significant natural heritage with three mountain ranges standing out: the Montgrí, Gavarres and Ardenya. These three natural features provide an ideal setting for mountain biking, sometimes close to the sea, which combines lower difficulty with spectacular views.

    The Baix Empordà forms part of Centres BTT, a signposted and maintained network that includes different circular routes throughout the region, classified with colours depending on how difficult they are and suitable for all of the public.  There is also a reception point in Castell d’Aro, a space that houses services so that you can enjoy this activity with full guarantees.

    The Wikiloc Baix Empordà channel will provide you with the directions for following the routes on your mobile phone or GPS device. And for more daring people, two extreme routes let you discover the massifs in a challenge that combines land, effort and a passion for mountain biking. Are you brave enough to try?

  • The sea and the coast

    The Baix Empordà breathes the sea, a natural resource that accompanies us and permanently clothes our coastline, sometimes calm, other times rougher. But when you visit our coast and find rocks, islets, cliffs, beaches and coves, the combination of them creates one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the Costa Brava, which you can admire from the various camí de ronda paths that follow the coast.

  • 8 open-air suggestions

    The Baix Empordà features lots of spaces and experiences in contact with nature. Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy it all-year round.