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  • Clouds

    Although the Baix Empordà has sun all-year round, cloudy days are no problem. In very hot periods, they can offer a little relief and are a very good chance to do a short active tourism activity.  And the sea might be calm, giving you the chance to do aquatic activities.

    Cloudy days can also be an opportunity to:

    – Visit cultural sites such as museums, convents and monasteries, castles and churches. Some of these have regular opening hours. In other cases, it is advisable to ask about visiting times.

    – Visit inland towns and villages following the local roads. There are various car routes that will enable you to discover itineraries in the region, without stopping but without missing any details.

    – Enjoy experiences with local businesses. Join a pottery workshop, visit a rice mill or see an apple orchard. These are just some of the experiences you can enjoy in comfort, even outdoors.

    – Buy local products. There are many establishments in the region that offer a wide range of local products made in traditional, artisanal ways in the Empordà. Discovering them will keep you entertained and the service their owners provide will surprise you.

    – Enjoy local gastronomy. Places such as the Gastronomic School or Fish Space offer many activities. Taking a table in one the restaurants to enjoy the cuisine can be an excellent way to fill a few hours.

    – Have a coffee with views. The special locations of many cafés and restaurants means you can relax while admiring the landscape, while you are made to feel welcome like you are at home.

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