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  • Rain

    Rain can sometimes make an appearance. In the summer it can come in the form of short but intense storms.  Therefore, in these moments you will have to take shelter, but they are soon over. Then you can restart your activity.

    In the case of light rain, you can do most of the activities described for cloudy days.  Also, the shops and businesses of many coastal towns and villages form continuous shelters along the street that do not stop you visiting them.

    Rain is not bad for fields and crops and is also good for rivers so it is important to appreciate these rainy moments.

    In the case of very heavy rain, it is important to avoid taking risks. Museums and cultural sites are an option that can keep you interested for a long period.

    Also, many private establishments offer services in their installations that can help you get out of the rain while enjoying spa services, massages, gyms and other recreational spaces.

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