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24 hours in the Baix Empordà

The Baix Empordà has attractions for a long visit, exploring the many corners of the region. However, if you do not have much time, we have designed a one-day itinerary for visiting some emblematic spaces in our region and discovering its most characteristic activities. The route squeezes the essence of the Baix Empordà into 24 hours. Are you ready?

  • camí de, ronda amb el mar de fons

    The coast step by step

    We suggest starting the day by exploring some of our region’s coastal paths. These paths, which snake along the Costa Brava were used by the patrols that looked out for smugglers. The coast paths now follow the rugged coastline, where cliffs and jagged rocks shelter very beautiful coves and small beaches. [If you come in the summer, don’t forget your swimming costume!]

  • camí de, ronda amb el mar de fons

    Foto: Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

    Mediterranean flavour

    After the walk, we recommend going to one of the towns or villages nestling on the coast of the Baix Empordà. In their streets you will find the heritage and traditions of seafaring people. It is nearly time for lunch. Complete your visit by trying the best fruits of the coast, fresh fish and seafood caught the same day, which are the backbone of our renowned gastronomy.  There is a varied range and you will find options for all types of palate.

  • camí de, ronda amb el mar de fons

    Charming places

    A change of scenery for the afternoon: away from the coast, the inland Baix Empordà is incomparable. Woods, hills, fields and rivers form a charming and balanced landscape. The secondary roads and tracks lead to medieval towns and villages, where time seems to move at a different pace. In these places, you can find the ancient history of our region.

  • camí de, ronda amb el mar de fons

    Photo: Estudi Vaqué. Ajuntament de la Bisbal d'Empordà. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

    A creative region

    The character of a land is also expressed through its crafts. Various artisanal traditions come together in the Baix Empordà creating products of great quality that concentrate the essence of the region and can often be bought directly from their makers or in small businesses.

    To end the day, you can go back to the coastal towns and villages which in the evening are full of activities for all tastes. End the day with dinner and a drink on a terrace by the sea while remembering all of the moments in an intense day in the Baix Empordà.

Més informació:

A proposal drawn up by the Consell Comarcal del Baix Empordà.

Consell Comarcal del Baix Empordà
C/Tarongers, 12
17100 La Bisbal d’Empordà
T. +34 972 64 23 10