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Cultural heritage

Few regions combines the legacy of as many different eras and cultures as the Baix Empordà. All around this region, you will find evidence of millennia of uninterrupted inhabitation, which has resulted in the creation of a landscape and the moulding of a history. However, this heritage is not limited to archaeological or architectural remains. There is a full range of museums and popular culture, from music and dance to the festes majors when towns and villages celebrate their patron saints. All of these elements are an invitation to discover the roots of the culture of the Baix Empordà close up. There are many way to do it: choose yours!

  • Photo: Àlex Tremps i Toti Alcalà. Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya - Ullastret

    Our history

    For millennia the Baix Empordà has been a crossroads and an ideal location for agriculture, fishing, crafts and certain types of industry to flourish. Each era has made its mark on a region which is a real mixture of legacies and cultures.

  • Photo: Arxiu d'Imatges del Museu de la Pesca

    Museums and collections

    The Baix Empordà has a wide variety of museums and collections that enable you to delve into its history, gastronomy and culture. These places will help you enjoy like never before the art of fishing, farming, pottery, painting, sculpture, photography… They will enable you to get to know the Mediterranean in depth, discovering how the Iberians lived, how the writer Josep Pla loved the Empordà, the importance of the cork industry or how important Gala was for Dalí… And you can even return to your childhood with a touch of magic, toys and dolls. All of this cultural heritage and the passion it inspires can be appreciated in the exhibitions on offer in the different sites in the Baix Empordà.

  • Photo: Arxiu d'Imatges de l'Ajuntament de la Bisbal d'Empordà

    Festivals and traditions

    The Baix Empordà celebrates various festivals and traditions that follow the Catalan festive calendar. While some traditions are the same, they all have the character of the Empordà and the distinctiveness of an authentic and genuine region. Enjoy them!

  • Photo: Joventuts Musicals. Arxiu d'Imatges PTCBG

    Land of musicians

    The Baix Empordà has always been and still is a musical hotbed. Over the centuries, music in its many forms has played a special role in the society of the Baix Empordà. A rich tradition has developed, based on popular songs, liturgical music, classical pieces, the traditional sardanes and seafarers’ songs. This diversity is an expression of the character of the region and gives it great dynamism.

  • Photo: Josep Pla i Josep Sagrera. Autor desconegut. Fundació Josep Pla, col·l. Mercè Sagrera de Romaguera


    Maybe it is the landscape, the tramuntana wind, or the history stretching back millennia or a bit of everything together. It is hard to say why the Baix Empordà has been and still is home to unique and outstanding artists who have found an ideal setting here to find inspiration and create.