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  • Interesting information

    The Baix Empordà has a climate that is… Mediterranean, with very mild winters and hot summers. The average maximum temperature is 21.8˚ °C, while the average minimum temperature is 8.8 °C. The hottest months are June, July and August, and the coldest months are December, January and February. As for rain, the wettest months are usually March, April, October and November. Another weather phenomenon to take into account is the wind, with the strongest wind being in the months between November and March.

    The main languages spoken in the Baix Empordà are… Catalan and Spanish. Both of these are official languages in Catalonia. Many people in the Baix Empordà also speak English and French, as do many businesses in the region dedicated to tourist activities, which offer their services and products in these languages and others.

    The currency in the Baix Empordà is… the euro, the official currency of all of the countries in the eurozone. If you live outside the European Union, remember you can ask for VAT to be refunded on any purchases you have made. Go to the Tourist Information Offices and Points for more information about this and ask for your tax free refund form.

    The time in the region is… UTC+01:00, the same as in Catalonia and the rest of Spain. The official time changes twice a year compared with solar time: it moves forward one hour in winter (the last Sunday in March) and it moves back an hour in the summer (the last Sunday in October).

    The working day… for most businesses starts between 09:00 and 10:00 and ends between 19:00 and 20:00, although in large shopping centres it can continue until 22:00. Some businesses close for a couple of hours for lunch at around 14:00, while others do not. In restaurants, lunch is served from approximately 13:00 to 15:30, while dinner is between 20:00 and 23:00.

    Leaving a tip is not obligatory… tips are related to the customer’s satisfaction with the service received and so they are voluntary.

    Public holidays in Catalonia… 1 and 6 January (New Year’s Eve and Epiphany), Good Friday and Easter Monday, 1 May (Labour Day), 24 June (Saint John), 15 August (Assumption), 11 September (Catalonia’s National Day), 1 November (All Saints), 8 December (Immaculate Conception) and 25 and 26 December (Christmas day and Saint Stephen’s Day). Other public holidays include the celebrations of 12 October (Spain’s National Festival) and 6 December (the Day of the Constitution), as well as the local festivals in each of the municipalities in the region.

    In the case of any problem and/or emergency… call 112, the emergency number used in all of the European Union and in other countries around the world. In Catalonia this service operates in 50 languages, including Catalan, Spanish, English, French and German. The service is free and responds immediately 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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