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    Photo: Policia local de Castell – Platja d’Aro

    To make sure you can enjoy a good stay in the Baix Empordà, here are some recommendations and advice to take into account:

    Respect the norms of peaceful coexistence and try to take good care of public and private property. This way, tourism does not have a negative effect on the region and interfere in the everyday lives of residents.
    – During your stay, use local businesses and buy local products. This boosts the local economy and helps make sure that the economic benefits of tourism stay in the same area.
    Take care of your belongings, especially in busy places (spaces with lots of visitors, bars and terraces, beaches, etc.). Always keep your bag closed and do not carry valuable objects in your pockets.
    – In the case of theft, accidents, assaults, fire or medical emergencies, call the 112 emergency telephone number.

    If you are planning to do outdoor activities…

    – Always check the weather conditions. If they are bad, do not do the activity. You can find information about weather forecasts for the Baix Empordà at the website www.meteocat.cat.
    – Wear suitable footwear and clothing. This should always be appropriate for the terrain and the type of activity you are going to carry out.
    – It is important to protect yourself from exposure to the sun at all times of year, especially in the hottest months. Use sun cream (minimum SPF 15), wear a cap or a hat and sun glasses and stay hydrated to help prevent sun stroke and sunburn.
    – In the case of strong winds, especially if you have to travel, take care to avoid obstacles in your path and take care with the urban facilities. If you are near the coast, do not get too close to sea walls, breakwaters or promenades, as there is a risk of large waves.
    – In the case of heavy rain, avoid certain areas such as rivers, torrents and streams as there is a danger of flooding and of them breaking their banks.
    Take good care of the environment. Do not leave litter and respect the natural heritage of the region. This way, you will help preserve it for future generations.

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