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24 hours in Palafrugell

Your perfect summer day is in Palafrugell, do you want to come?#visitpalafrugell

You might know almost all of the beaches in the municipality of Palafrugell, some people might even know what time they lose the sun, where the lifeguards are located or the water temperature depending on the time of year… But Palafrugell has much more to offer!

Palafrugell has spectacular paths for enjoying the sea, views that astonish even the locals, a gastronomy fit for the most demanding palates and cultural spaces that have no need to envy big cities.

With the Palafrugell+ ticket (cultural pass for just €8) you can enjoy the most authentic Palafrugell.

  • Emblematic gardens

    Photo: IPEP

    Emblematic gardens

    Start at the Cap Roig Gardens at 10:00, where you can buy the Palafrugell+ ticket and start using it.

    The Cap Roig Gardens are emblematic gardens with spectacular views and they are home to the Cap Roig Festival from mid-July to the end of August. Allow around an hour and a half to visit the gardens.

  • A walk with fishing tradition

    Photo: IPEP

    A walk with fishing tradition

    At 11.30 from the Cap Roig Gardens, head down to el Golfet, a delightful beach where you can swim if you want and have time. Start following the coast path that runs from el Golfet to Calella de Palafrugell to find out about the fishing tradition of the municipality of Palafrugell (allow around forty minutes one way, depending on whether or not you stop for a swim).

    It is now 13.00. After all this walking, you are probably feeling hungry and so it is time to find somewhere to eat. Look among the bars and restaurants in the area for the one you like the best.

  • Spectacular views

    Photo: IPEP

    Spectacular views

    At 16:00, after lunch, you can go to the architectural complex of Sant Sebastià de la Guarda in Llafranc and admire the views from the lighthouse. (You can use the Palafrugell+ ticket here.)

    Once at the top of the mountain of Sant Sebastià, you can visit the Iberian settlement ( 6th century BC), a 15th-century watch tower, where you can use the Palafrugell+ ticket (the tower is a defensive structure for monitoring the coastal area and protecting it from possible invasions by corsairs or pirates, and it conserves many of its original elements), an 18th-century church and lodgings for travellers and the 19th-century lighthouse.


  • Industrial and literary heritage

    Photo: IPEP

    Industrial and literary heritage

    At around 18.00, after this visit, you can return to Palafrugell and use your Palafrugell+ ticket again to visit the Josep Pla Foundation and get to know our coast through his literary work or you can visit the Cork Museum. The museum is in a former cork factory and invites you to explore the history of the world of cork in a dynamic and enjoyable way that, most importantly, is suitable for all of the public.

    Once you have finished the visit, you can climb up the water tank opposite the Cork Museum. This tank used to supply the cork factory with pressurised water. This modernist structure takes you 30 m above Plaça de Can Mario and rewards you with views of all of Palafrugell.

    Behind the tower you will find the entrance to the Vila Casas Foundation–Can Mario Museum where you can explore the permanent exhibition and the temporary exhibitions by sculptors born or living in Catalonia on your own. A space where sculpture can be admired from all perspectives

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