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24 hours in Palamós

Palamós is a coastal town in the Baix Empordà region, which includes the coves of S’Alguer, Cala Margarida, Castell, La Fosca and the centres of Sant Joan de Palamós and Vila-romà. It is located in a fantastic setting, between the Gavarres mountains, the Aubí plain and the Mediterranean sea.

Palamós has – has always had and will always have – the sea as a reference point for its own existence as a town. Fishes, boats, beaches, the winds, food and drink… everything in Palamós bears the mark, flavour and colour of the sea.

The municipality of Palamós has two areas that are Spaces of Natural Interest (EIN): the “Les Gavarres” EIN, where much of the historical, cultural and ethnologic heritage of Palamós is located, and the “Castell–Cap Roig” EIN, where, apart from heritage elements, there is a magnificent stretch of coast that is well worth visiting. In both areas there is an extensive network of paths for excursions and itineraries on foot or on bike.

With regards to heritage, it is worth noting the church of Santa Maria and the Pedró neighbourhood, the church of Bell-lloc, the church of Santa Eugènia de Vila Romà and the Capella del Carme. There is also the Fishing Museum, a vital space for discovering the fishing origins of this town in the Empordà.

  • Discovering the natural landscape of Palamós

    Photo: Ajuntament de Palamós

    Discovering the natural landscape of Palamós

    To start your day, we suggest two very different ways of discovering the natural landscape of Palamós.

    On the one hand, we recommend discovering the secrets of the seafront of Palamós on foot. From the promenade itself, a coastal path starts that follows the coastline as far as Calella de Palafrugell. On this route there are coves, beaches, traces of the history of Palamós (the Iberian settlement of Castell), and the Castell–Cap Roig Natural Space, a real natural fortress with nothing else like it anywhere on Catalonia’s coast. This route links to the Baix Empordà’s network of paths (370 km) and its cycle touring network (250 km), so you can combine the coast with the interior of this spectacular region.

    But you can also enjoy nature by doing all sorts of nautical activities for all ages and levels of experience: Diving, kayaking, boat hire, sailing, small boat catamaran sailing, water skiing, snorkelling, trimaran sailing, windsurfing, maritime excursions etc.

  • The flavours of Palamós

    Photo: Javi Cabrera. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG-49

    The flavours of Palamós

    The Empordà, which is strategically positioned and has an internationally recognised and prestigious gastronomic culture, offers a welcoming and distinctive land, in an ideal location for making quality wines.

    In mid-morning we invite you to discover the cellars of the Empordà Designation of Origin, which offer the possibility to get to know their installations and taste some of the region’s best wines.

    If you want to rest for a few hours, Palamós has over 70 restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine that will enable you to find food for all tastes, whether you want innovative cuisine, traditional home cooking or the genuine cooking of the fishermen.

  • The fruits of the sea

    Photo: O. Oliu. Fishing museum

    The fruits of the sea

    From four in the afternoon, the port of Palamós is an ideal place to watch the trawling fleet return and for doing a guided tour of the fish auction from the viewing platform of the auction house and the fishing interpretation centre and walking around the fish market. Ending your visit at the Fishing Museum, you can go on a journey through the past, present and future of sea fishing on the Costa Brava.

    You can complete your visit by going to the Fish Space, to discover the characteristics, cuisine and gastronomy of the produce you saw being auctioned a few moments before.

  • The old town and the sunset

    Photo: Ajuntament de Palamós

    The old town and the sunset

    To end the day, lose yourself In the old town and enjoy panoramic views from the town’s different viewpoints, from which you can enjoy a magical sunset.

    The day’s reward awaits you, dining by the sea and eating some of the produce you saw come into the port in the afternoon, or the star product, Palamós prawns. If you don’t want to sit down for a meal, you can do a tapas tour around the different bars in the old town.

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