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From Tamariu to cala Pedrosa

Tamariu / Cala dels Liris / Cala Pedrosa

    Start point: Tamariu

    Difference in height: 68 m positive / 49 m negative

    Signing: GR 92 (Long Route)

    Total time: 40 min

    Lenght: 1,84 Km

    The route starts or ends in the centre of Tamariu, a major tourist town on the Palafrugell coast which, until the twenties ans thirties, was a romete paradise with a handful of fishing boats and two or three taverns. The route also takes in some standout coves.

    Points of interest: Sa Perica / La Musclera / Barraca dels Liris

    Departure point and Parking: Tamariu

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