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The splendid natural and human heritage of the Baix Empordą allows us to offer a wide variety of sporting, cultural and historical activities, so that each of our visitors can choose their favourite option and, through it, get to know our land better.

The choice of activities is very broad: golf and pitch & putt on the district’s numerous excellent courses; aerial sports, such as flying in a microlight, hang-glider or helicopter, or floating peacefully in a hot-air balloon; horse-riding; guided excursions on foot or in a horse-cart; adventure sports like quads, and many others.

Children are taken into consideration in all of these activities, which are adapted to their characteristics so that they too can enjoy and learn about the Baix Empordą.

In addition, many of the district’s municipal councils organise courses and excursions related with nature (bird-watching, forestry repopulation, sea school, among others), the local traditions (anecdotes or stories about buildings and villages), typical landscapes (Fitor, the chapel of Santa Caterina, and so on), vanished activities (cork-stripping, reconstruction of drystone huts, etc.), and many more.
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Horse riding

One of the best ways of exploring the landscapes and discovering the most out-of-the-way corners of the Empordą is on horseback: hidden paths in the hills, colourful plains, tracks skirting the coast ¼ The district has an extensive network of horse-riding centres where, in addition to taking rides, you can do beginners’ or advanced courses, guided excursions, etc. Some companies also offer the possibility of outings in a horse-drawn cart.


If you like riding a quad, in our district you can enjoy this adventure sport accompanied by guides who will help you to discover hidden paths and villages while enjoying the contact with nature.

Golf and Pitch & putt

The pleasant climate of the Baix Empordą, with average temperatures of 12 °C in winter and 18 °C in summer, makes it possible to play all year round. The district has five golf courses and three for pitch & putt, all with excellent facilities and services, varied itineraries and guarantees of the highest quality.

Cultural guided tour

If you like, you can follow courses and make excursions of a cultural nature which will reveal to you the history of our district and our villages and teach you about numerous characteristic activities. Many of our municipal councils offer guided visits, by day or night, sometimes including theatrical re-enactments.

Since its birth in the United States in 1981, paintball has gained fans all over the world and especially in Europe. In El Baix Empordą, you can enjoy this sport or game at several centres where you will find suitable equipment and professionals who will guide you in practising this activity. In all the centres, there are several fields in which you can set up genuine adventures and paintball games.

Adventure Parks
Walking through the midst of a forest while overcoming obstacles of diverse characteristics is the true spirit of adventure parks. These parks are leisure-time areas set in the natural environment where you can practise and enjoy sport and adventures. You can walk above the trees without putting a foot on the ground, do abseiling, archery and other activities. All the installations are certified and authorised by official technicians.

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