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Territory and resources

Its easy access, its natural beauty, the character of its people, its beaches, the importance of its historical and cultural heritage and the wide range of activities and services it offers, all make the Baix Empordą the ideal spot for spending just a single day or a lengthy holiday. Here you can find everything...
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The beaches and bays along the Empordą coast are linked following the extensive alluvial plains or the sheerest cliffs.
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Protected natural areas
The Baix Empordą is a district of great natural wealth. Its situation and layout means that it provides a habitat for a number of characteristic species of the Mediterranean zones that are under threat of disappearing from them. With a view to protecting them, the most vulnerable areas now come under the PEIN...
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El Baix Empordą has mild Mediterranean climate. In the graph, you can see the percentage of sunny days per month and the average monthly temperatures. By following the relevant links, you can consult, on a daily basis, the temperature and other interesting data. Climatologia - meteocat  ...
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