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Bunyols (sweet fritters)

In our region it is traditional to make and eat bunyols (sweet fritters) for Easter.  If you visit us at this time of year, you’ll see them everywhere. Their name in Catalan is also a scornful term for a formless mass, but they’re delicious just the same.

Normally, on Wednesday or Thursday of Easter Week several members of the family get together to make the dough and form the fritters. A lot of ingredients are used: flour, milk, oil, eggs, yeast, sugar, rose water, anise, lemon... All of the recipes are similar, but each household has a different touch, whether in the proportions of the ingredients or some secret component. The balls of dough are deep-fried, sprinkled with sugar and left to cool. It is very common to accompany them with sweet wine or muscatel.


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