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Markets and fairs

  Traditionally, our villages and towns hold weekly markets. In the past these were very important, because they were the place where farmers exchanged their surplus produce and shopkeepers and craftsmen sold their wares. They were the major focal point of economic movement, because apart from everyday trade, people met to conduct business of greater scope: buying and selling livestock or land, sealing marriage agreements, and so on.

The weekly markets have now changed a great deal, but they are still an important popular event. The range of products on sale has expanded enormously, and now sellers from all over do the rounds of the weekly markets offering all kinds of goods: fruit and vegetables, clothing and footwear, household articles, etc., etc.

 Our villages also periodically organise fairs where the local craftspeople and producers exhibit and sell their goods. These fairs are a very interesting way of getting to know the local types of cheese, sausages, wine, honey, etc., or handmade pottery and leather articles, antiques, the work of local artists, and so on. Thematic fairs are also organised to publicise the products or arts and crafts of the region.

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