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Rural tourism

  Daily stress, noise, hurry, and so forth mean that people increasingly see holidays as an escape into tranquillity and the simple life. This is one of the basic features of the rural tourism establishments.
 The network of accommodation of this type in our county is of high quality. We should remember that the Baix Empordà, especially in the plain, is an eminently agricultural county, and rural tourism is helping to foster that activity. Some of our arable/horticultural farmers and stock rearers have adapted their old farmhouses so as to able to offer visitors comfortable accommodation in country settings, in places where they can breathe the pure country air, observe the work involved in running an agricultural or stockrearing holding, learn new things and simply take a break.
These establishments usually offer delicious local cuisine, often with products from their own gardens that put one in mind of the smells and flavours of yesteryear.  Rural accommodation can often offer actitivities carried out in direct contact with nature: horseriding, excursions, stockrearing or horticultural learning activities, etc.
Nor should we forget that rural-tourism houses have all kinds of services: breakfasts, room service, swimming pools and others, depending on the category preferred by visitors.
Then again, there is the possibility of renting unserviced houses, thus offering a chance to enjoy a few days totally away from it all in an isolated farmhouse or old house in a village.  Rural tourism involves direct contact with tradition, agriculture and livestock rearing, and with manual labour; it is an experience which, in a world in which everthing goes at an ever faster pace, constitutes a pleasant adventure.

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